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Bully Prevention
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 New Plymouth Middle School Administration and Staff are dedicated to establishing a safe and friendly environment for all our students.

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When you are bullied:

Being bullied is painful , but it is very important to remember that you are not alone! Below are some tips on what to do if you are being bullied.

  • Don’t ignore the whole situation:  Sometimes you naturally just want it to go away.  As a result some of us just keep it inside or avoid going to school.  Sometimes the bully will stop and moves on to someone else, but that doesn’t always happen

  • Always tell an adult:  Tell your parent, trusted teacher, counselor, or the principal.  Share all of the details, and let them know how this made you feel.  Ask what to do next.

  • Keep in mind that no one deserves to be bullied: Bullies are not bad people but they make bad choices.  Sometimes kids become bullies because they are bullied by their parents at home and are determined not to be bullied at school, so they bully others.  Knowing this will help you understand that the bullying doesn’t have to do with you but comes from the bully having problems.

  • Never fight back:  Let the bully know that you are not an easy target.  Stay calm, and tell the bully with confidence and determination to “Stop It”, and to “Leave me alone.”  Walk off with confidence.

  • Stand up to the bully if you feel safe enough:  This is not easy sometimes.  If you feel safe enough, confront the bully by telling them how you feel, why you feel the way you do, and what you want the bully to do.  For example, “ I feel angry when you call me names because I have a real name.  I want you to call me by my real name.”

  • Stand up against bullying even if you are not being bullied.

  • Do not respond directly to the bully’s teasing:  Sometimes we are too scared to respond.  Not responding can be another good strategy that we can use when we are bullied.  To the best of your ability, just walk away.  This can also be an important way to deal with cyberbullying, or online bullying.  Keep harmful messages from being spread by not responding to them.  Make sure you tell an adult about online bullying.  

  • Don’t blame yourself!  It is common for students to feel that they might have caused the bullying.  Remind yourself that it is not your fault and talk to a friend, adult in school, or your parents about the way you feel.  Write down your good qualities and discuss them with your family, and use this list as a reminder if you start to blame yourself or feel down.

  • When you see someone else being bullied….   Tell an Adult:  Some kids think that it is tattling or being a snitch, but it is not.  When you tell an adult, you are helping someone else who needs support.  Most adults really do want to know about bullying and they want to help.  If you tell an adult  about this and the don’t respond, tell another adult you trust.  Our school has a no tolerance plan for bullying and so we need your help to report and get bullying stopped at school.


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